Lifestyle October 13, 2023

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Family

Halloween is right around the corner, and safety is always a concern. As a homeowner, you can do your part to make sure the kids get home safe and sound this year. A quick inspection of your property is all it takes to make sure your house is a safe stop for this years trick or treaters. Here’s a few tips.

Leave The Lights On- Keep the exterior lights on for trick or treaters and your party guests. Always make sure there’s enough light for the whole trip from the street or driveway to your door. You can also add some light fixtures with ground stakes to clearly mark the path to your door.

Remove Obstacles- Pick up your garden tools, roll up your hose, and put the gnomes in the garage. Make sure there’s nothing to trip your guests.

Jack-o-lanterns- Lit candles are always a safety concern, especially when kids are involved. Battery powered illumination in your pumpkins is a safe alternative to burning candles. If you do use an open flame, keep an eye on it and keep flammables out of reach.

Pets- Keep the safety of your fluffy friends as well as your party guests and trick or treaters in mind. Often Halloween can be stressful for pets because they don’t understand why it’s suddenly okay for strangers to come into your yard or on your porch. Halloween candy can also be toxic for your animals so make sure they don’t get their paws on any. Halloween is also a time when pranksters come out to play. Keep your pets inside where they’ll be safe.

Candy- Stick to packaged standards like the big bags available at pretty much every retailer leading up to the season. You can also have candy on hand without peanuts in case your trick or treaters have allergies. Check out the Teal Pumpkin project for more info about offering options for kids with allergies. And be sure to inspect your own kids’ candy before they eat it.

Spooky decorations- If you’re going to put a seven foot tall space monster in the yard, do it safely. Make sure it is secure. You don’t want anything to fall over on a tiny Elsa or Darth Vader. Check your decorations for sharp edges or points that might pose a threat to a seven year old dashing through your yard after some candy. Make sure power cords are in proper working order and are secure to avoid tripping or electrical hazards.

Take precautions and you’ll have a fun and safe Halloween this year!