Lifestyle November 10, 2023

How to be the Perfect Host for Holiday Guests

With Thanksgiving drawing near, many of us will open our homes to friends and family for delicious feasting and quality time spent together. Some guests will travel into town in order to be with family for the holiday and perhaps your home will host these loved ones.

While we all anticipate time with our families, often with busy schedules it can be stressful trying to prepare for overnight guests. But with these low maintenance helpful hints, prepping your home for visitors can be a breeze.

1. Speed Clean: Gather essential cleaning supplies into a basket and attack the main areas that will be seen and used. Spend 10 minutes per room and just target surface areas in order to not overwhelm yourself.

Pick up clutter, change bed linens, dust surface areas, vacuum carpeted rooms, and mop the kitchen for an easy, manageable refreshed home.

2. Stock the Bathroom: Overnight guests will more than likely want to freshen up at some point so a well stocked bathroom is a must. Make sure that there are plenty of toiletries like paper and soap readily available as well.

Supply your guests with fresh towels and washcloths for bath time. If you really want to go that extra step, keep extra toothbrushes, razors, shampoo, etc on hand for those that might have forgotten to bring their own.

3. Stock the Kitchen: While guests do not expect your kitchen to have all of their favorite snacks and treats, it is a good idea to have a few staples on hand. Favorites such as bottled water, coffee, juice and milk allow for the simple comforts away from home.

For even more convenience, put out cereal and other non perishable breakfast items the night before so guests can help themselves and not wait on you, allowing for some extra guilt free shut eye.

If you and your guests plan to watch movies or catch up late into the night, snacks would be a welcome treat. Foods such as chips and dip, fruit, trail mix, and other such goodies are great items to munch on while enjoying your time.

4. Activities for Children: If smaller children will be coming as well, simple entertainment can make a huge difference in the quality of their visit.

Movies, books, coloring pages, puzzles and board games can go a long way in keeping little minds occupied. Not only does this keep the kiddos happy, but mom and dad get to enjoy adult conversation without worrying what the children are into. These amusing activities will go a long way in ensuring a fun visit for everyone.

It can be stressful having guests stay in your home due to the simple fact that you want them to be comfortable and enjoy their time with you. However it does not have to take hours to get your home ready for the season of visitors nor does it have to cause anxiety.

Hopefully these few tips will help next time you roll out the welcome mat for friends and family. And always remember, your loved ones are there to see you so have a wonderful time and enjoy them! The holidays are a great time to create some new traditions and make lasting memories with the ones you hold dear.